Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

How Can We Help?

The degree to which Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS can affect sufferers varies greatly from person to person. Some people, with careful pacing and planning can lead near normal lives, whilst others may spend much of their time resting, unable to do anything physical due to debilitating fatigue which can in some cases be accompanied by the pain of fibromyalgia.

The good news is that there are a number of areas that may be contributing to the problem, which when improved, can bring about improvement to the condition. The degree of improvement that may be achievable depends on each individual case and the underlying reason for the condition.

Testing for nutritional deficiencies, food intolerance and adrenal stress and then addressing them are important first steps. The use of high quality supplements and ensuring the diet includes excellent nutrition are examples of ways we have been able to help others with the condition. In addition, there are other areas to consider such as sleep, stress, emotional and lifestyle issues, all of which we cover during appointments.
Making changes in these areas has helped many people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to make considerable improvements to their energy levels and quality of life.

Although we prefer to see clients in person, we understand that in some cases CFS can make it difficult to get out and seek help, therefore, we offer Facetime appointments to anybody who feels unable to come to us. We also offer an initial free half hour telephone conversation, in order that we can discuss in more detail the extent to which the condition affects you as an individual. This helps us to decide on the most appropriate course of action.

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