Professional advice on food intolerances in St Albans & Hertfordshire

Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerances are not the same as allergies, but they can still cause unpleasant symptoms. Whilst a severe allergy can be life threatening, an intolerance, although unpleasant, is not a threat to life.

Food intolerances tend to occur as a result of various digestive issues and can produce an endless range of symptoms. Temporary avoidance of identified foods can result in a huge improvement of symptoms. Whilst it will still be important to treat the underlying cause, eliminating foods to which we are intolerant helps to reduce stress on the body and improve symptoms.

Those suffering from food intolerance may not realise that they are sensitive to a particular food and continue to consume it. Whatever treatments they try, the symptoms are unlikely to improve until the offending food is eliminated from their diet.

It is not easy to determine which foods are causing symptoms, without delving deeper into our diet and possibly the use of laboratory testing. We now offer food intolerance testing. This tests for 134 food and drink reactions and is a simple finger prick blood test

We always consider food allergies and sensitivities when clients come to us with health problems. Should we discover either of these are a problem, we then work to support you by finding alternative foods and recipes.

Once problem foods are eliminated from the diet, sufferers can experience a profound improvement to their health.
PLEASE NOTE : Health problems should always be checked out with your doctor before assuming that food allergies are to blame.

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