Nutritional support in St Albans & Hertfordshire

For the right kind of diet and nutritional support you can rely on Vision Weight Consultancy.


Optimizing your nutrition today, really can change your life.

Good nutrition is of paramount importance to improving or avoiding weight and health issues, because poor nutrition lies at the root of obesity and many illnesses. It is often difficult to obtain all of our nutrients from food, as much of our soil is depleted in nutrients, also storage and transportation of fresh food often results in nutrients being greatly reduced.

We really are what we eat, so by ensuring that we are providing our body with all it requires to keep us healthy, we are more likely to avoid many of the common health issues such as; heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes and diabetes. Clients also experience:

More energy
Better cognitive function
Improved memory
Increased sense of well-being



Clients who benefit from nutritional therapy have noticed sharper mental clarity and increased confidence and enthusiasm. Students have also reported improved grades.

At Vision Weight Consultancy, we take a realistic view when looking at ways to help you improve your diet, considering your lifestyle, job, time, commitments and tastes in food. With all of this in mind, we work to form a sustainable healthy eating plan.

Our books, ‘The Easy Peasy Guide to Healthy Cooking’ and ‘The Weight Loss Puzzle’ (available by clicking ‘Store’ on this website), are full of ideas and recipes to help busy people eat well.

Sometimes we may recommend the use of supplements, especially if testing has shown up a deficiency or eating well is a challenge, possibly because of your job, or other demands on your time. It is important that supplements are recommended carefully in order to get the best results. Requirements can vary greatly, depending on age, lifestyle and health. Many nutrients are synergistic, working together with others in order that they can be utilised by the body. Some nutrients are toxic if taken in high doses, so advice here is vital. We have helped clients experience profound improvements in their health by making changes to their diet and in some cases, with the addition of supplements.

Please note: It is vital that any unusual symptoms are checked out by your GP before your first appointment. We need to know if there are any health problems that could be affected by dietary changes or the addition of supplements. Failure to do this could also deprive you of any necessary medical treatment. If we become concerned about any health issues during an appointment, we will ask you to visit your GP before commencing any nutritional programme.

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